我在听诺亚·卡根(的创始人AppSumo and the marketing mind behind薄荷,的作者很棒的客人帖子谈谈目前的作物资本工厂公司,当他说这么简单的东西,显然正确的,然而,它完全改变了我思考的方法WP引擎

I’m sure he won’t mind me revealing this little nugget, seeing as this is the same Noah who does topless video interviews and will show you his underwear if asked, though I’m not sure why anyone asks, except that they know he’ll do it, and someone so willing might have something worth looking at.





我:好吧Dharmesh告诉我这是我们的取消率Dharmesh是一个SaaS商业模式的上帝,正如他的合理的商业软件所证明的那样演讲and tangible success with Hubspot的


看到取消率是指示性的几个重要的事情首先,我们是否提供真正有价值和理想的服务After all, I can bludgeon a person into signing up with us through marketing and salesmanship, but if they don’t stick around it proves we’re not 提供他们需要的东西,至少不是按这个价格因此,它是服务本身的重要衡量标准。

其次,更多“指标-y”,取消率是计算客户LTV的关键之一(IFEt输入法设置vALUE)If we know a typical customer pays us $50/mo and stays with us for 30 months, that’s $1500 in “lifetime” revenue. That helps us answer questions like: How much can we spend to acquire a customer? Or: How many customers do we need to produce $10m in revenue?

但计算LTV的关键是“多少个月将客户和我们住在一起,”的关键是取消率 - 率越高,月份越少,LTV急剧下降高LTV很不错,因为这意味着企业拥有良好的现金流,这意味着我们可以在营销和广告等方面投入更多资金。








NOAH: That’s it? All that would change is you’d spend more on ads? That’s important? That makes the business fantastic?





我:但我不能忽视it because: I could easily get sign-ups to double if I just spent 5 times as much on AdWords, but then the lead quality would suck and cancellation rates would skyrocket and in the end I haven’t done anything meaningful, and I probably made things worse because now we’re sifting through all these crazy people who won’t even stick around and it just doesn’t seem strategic.

NOAH: I stopped listening after you said “I could easily get sign-ups to double.” Go do that.


诺度:你不知道他们会取消What if you got sign-ups to triple? And cancellation rate doubled, from 3% to 6%你的成长速度几乎快了三倍。


So I did, and guess what? Cancellation rate didn’t go up much诺亚是正确的。




所以不要打扰关注的大事,如果你把杆,将会极大地改变It doubles revenue or solidifies the funding story or pegs the病毒系数以上1或构建资产有一个活跃的用户基础。


Does that mean no A/B testing, no tweaking of AdWords copy, no landing page optimization? For Noah, yes that’s exactly what that means我不自律,所以对我来说,这不是很简陋我们都听过关于小调整的故事,导致收入增加15%精细。

但记住你决定花上几个小时之间迭代提升15%,与花费你所有的精力,时间,电子邮件、社交媒体、创造力、新功能,营销努力,广告,测量,试图得到一个2或3 x的变化最重要的数字,这是更好的一个数量级你仍然可以做15%的事情!

然而,这部分“只做大事”意味着知道什么是“大事”,而次要的东西,你必须这样做专注于只有一个指标For us, that’s growing the number of sign-upsYes, cancellation rate is also very important (and I’ll talk about that in detail in a future post), but by narrowing down on the one thing that matters, you can focus on actions which have the potential to move that one needle regardless of the others.




What’s your most important metric? What could you do in the next two weeks to change it? Or问这里的社区寻求建议!让我们在评论中讨论

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    我们顺便提醒你有多棒We have some support problem and you resolve it in nanoseconds.  A customer or an advocate comments on the unbelievable speed of our websiteNon-WP引擎托管网站去,我们想:“哇,这是很好的,我们在WP引擎!”

    How about a newsletter talking about how awesome you are? How about a monthly email with some of our own uptime statistics and page-load times?  How about pass-along coupons or thank-yous for testimonials or other incentives to loyal customers?


    • Our cancellation rate isn’t high! Just seems like a priority anyway.


    • Our cancellation rate isn’t high! Just seems like a priority anyway.


      • I wonder if the activities @robbyslaughter:disqus mentions could be made the responsibility of a specialist – presumably not you and perhaps a new hire? Do you think the activities for keeping existing customers happy (reminding them how good they have it and helping them improve) are separable from the activity of signing up new customers?


        He made a point that amazed me … he gets an enormous amount of new business by selling more services/capabilities/capacity to existing customers我不确定有多少你可以做,但它是值得思考。

        • Sure, I think often those folks have titles like “Community Evangelists.” They might also moderate customer forums, participate in other forums, organize meet-ups, generate content (blog posts, webinars, white papers), and generally evangelize.

    • Our cancellation rate isn’t high! Just seems like a priority anyway.


    • Our cancellation rate isn’t high! Just seems like a priority anyway.


  • 有趣的是,虽然我想象你花时间专注于取消率这一事实意味着当你改变所做的事情以提高注册率时,你会得到充分的信息因此,取消率基本上是静态的你自己说,重要的是'知道什么是大的东西'对许多人来说,这将是一个挑战,特别是初创公司的新手。

  • 肯鲁格

    Great post! I’ve often quoted Curley, Jack Palance’s crusty old cowboy from City Slickers, on this topic:

            Curley (Jack Palance): “You know what the secret of life is?”…”One thing就一件事你坚持这一切并不是说s * * t。”
            Mitch (Billy Crystal): “That’s great, but what’s the one thing?”


  • 专注于一件事!=做一件事。

  • 专注于一件事!=做一件事。

    • 完全正确通常你可以一石二鸟But whenever there’s a choice — and often a choice is forced — you want to know what’s priority #1.

  • 专注于一件事!=做一件事。

  • 专注于一件事!=做一件事。

  • 专注于一件事!=做一件事。

  • 完全正确我也应该提出这一点。

  • 完全正确我也应该提出这一点。

  • 完全正确我也应该提出这一点。

  • 完全正确我也应该提出这一点。

  • 无关......也许你的“最近评论”部分不应该算作帖子作者,否则看起来你是唯一评论自己的188bet手机滚球)(你可以删除这个评论)

  • That was a pretty enlightening post there Jason! 



  • 这正是我需要倾听的问题What can I do in the next two weeks? I’m usually the one asking those questions, and it’s so easy to forget to ask yourself杰森,你给了我一个主意谢谢!!

  • 这是一个很长寿的帖子之一优秀的演讲非常重要的想法杰森。


    • 你提出了一个有趣的附加点,关于突然资源如何“出现”以满足其他需求确实有一件事导致另一件事。

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    假设您将客户数量增加了三倍,并且您在广告上投入了大量资金 But because you are spending money in marketing and not investing in your feature set, you open yourself up to basically, being a crappy product I know you have dealt with these types of products personally because we’ve had this discussion before现在说你的竞争对手是投资于研发,然后他们决定点空白选择关闭所有你的客户 How hard would it be for them to do this?  How easy would it be to recover now that you have no real product?  It depends on how elastic the demand of what you sell is, right?

    简单的事实是,即使使用SaaS产品,业务也没有简单的事实 It’s important to focus on cancellation rates, and it’s also important to focus on acquisition It’s important to focus on profit margin and CSI And just like a successful diet or a successful sports strategy, there isn’t a single formula or metric that works universally for everyone There is no such thing as a four hour work week and there isn’t such a thing as “the single metric” either 

    • 你是对的,你不能把全部业务都运行在一个度量,这一数字是整个,重要的图片,总之不同指标对不同的公司很重要。
      因此,例如,我们不会忽略取消率 - 我们不会,而且它对我们来说仍然非常重要但如果注册和取消率一起上升,我们知道这比其他一些场景更好,比如取消率下降和注册持平。

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    Oh, and my favorite example of what can happen if you only focus on acquisition and not your current customers’ happiness Your smaller competitor, who did not focus on acquisition and instead focused on product, gets bought by a huge company with loads of cash to spend on acquisition哦。



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    Oh, and my favorite example of what can happen if you only focus on acquisition and not your current customers’ happiness Your smaller competitor, who did not focus on acquisition and instead focused on product, gets bought by a huge company with loads of cash to spend on acquisition Oops.There is always a big picture at bay, and being single minded means you can get blind sided pretty hard.

  • It almost sounds like you’re saying ‘fail forward’ … I’m going to the carnival with limited dollar bills trying to win the prize for my girl so I should make sure to maximize my attempts by choosing a game I can either win or learn how to beat the game I really wanted to should I lose.


    • 可能当然,你只是在随意扔球并且真正没有取得进展的地方是有限的,然后你就会挣扎。

      • This reply sums up something that is lacking from the 188bet手机滚球; that the relentless drive towards that one metric is what drives most companies over the edge from providing a good service, to focussing more and more on new sales and disregarding customer experience 

        我曾经读过一篇关于公司长寿的文章,发现公司关注质量(包括客户体验)越多,他们可能持续的时间越长The primary metric is “is operated by a family”, but that is skewed by Berretta (1526!), but this was a close second. 

        • 同意这是失踪。



  • 这是我很高兴多年前与我结识的原因之一Very few people will tell you straight what you need to hear. @alexknowshtml:twitter is another of this type要知道像这样的人非常有用。

    当您规模小且不断增长并且必须选择是否获得更多客户或保留现有客户的1%时,您必须选择对您的底线产生更大影响的选项Lots of times you’re running a race against time to build up your customer base to support your costs and staff and yours or others investments. 

  • 这是我认为这是一个很好的建议,尽管许多指标和关键性能指标(kpi)是重要的——选择“一个重要的指标是一个很好的方式开始关注的问题你应该注意到,这一指标可以随着时间而改变的。

  • 杰森,这篇文章让我的思绪分崩离析。



  • 梅雷迪思

    我总是喜欢Smart Bear的帖子我和我的伙伴有一个类似实现过去这一年我们意识到我们曾经有过很多我们想要做的事情,我们决定只挑选3件对增长最为关键的事情而忘记我们想要涉足的所有其他事情。我们的新发现高度专注确实不同。

  • 杰森,
     Nice post, and I’m glad you’re on the same track as us诺亚是个聪明人:)我们的取消率非常低,而且我只专注于收购 For those who don’t know me, Jason and I are friendpetitors? We have a competing product, yet we like each other :). 

    @michellegreer:在研发上花费太多时间来解决这个问题,就是你没有办法弄清楚客户真正想要什么,并且愿意支付规模较小的竞争对手获得购买有利于竞争对手,但这并不一定意味着它对杰森或WPEngine不好 More importantly, the two don’t have to be exclusive, you can research on existing customers, and exit surveys of the cancellations.. 

    • Yes, it’s refreshingly healthy! It’s nice go be in a big market with different positioning.

  • BillSeitz

    听起来像你选择关注的度量标准是猜测哪一个你能够以最大的数量提高If you thought you could “easily” cut your cancellation rate from 3% to 1.5% (at 100% improvement in LTV), then that would have been your metric of choice? But how accurate is your forecast going to be? I suppose in this case the one is easier because you just have to spend more money on AdWords….

    • 这是真的,没有任意限制数量我们可以改善指标,收益递减改善他人,像取消率。
      事实证明,在AdWords上投入更多资金并不能解决问题I wish it were so easy! But it does suggest several things we should do, some easy like “spend more on ads” but some strategic and long-term which I’m not going to reveal just yet:-)

  • 迈克·费雪

    Ah, thanks for the reminder!  I was in that same room with you and Noah It’s so hard to focus on one key thing Of course focusing on it and knowing how to make it 2x bigger is the tough part.


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    经过一番思考后,我发现增加“活跃帐户”的数量 - 人们定期登录并使用软件的帐户是我可以使用的最佳指标不是'打开帐户',因为他们中的许多人处于休眠状态,页面浏览量或独特性活跃帐户要么为我们提供收入,要么即将结束为期一个月的审判,并且可能即将开始向我们付款活跃帐户也是我可以获得用户反馈以改进产品的帐户。
    另外,Jason的帖子让我想起了“Made to Stick”一书中的一章,讨论了“指挥官的意图”指挥官的意图基本上是军事计划顶部的1-3线声明,说明了目标是什么它可能类似于“捕获那个城镇”并放在详细说明之前这意味着所涉及的每个人都知道目标,以防万一从计划中转向我想专注于一个度量有点类似有一个指挥官的意图——“增加注册”。

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  • 也许一个指标太极端了但这是肯定的,你必须专注于肉类和忘记一切。

  • 嗯......真的很有帮助我认为我们将采用这种策略与报价滚动

  • 诺亚是一贯的和令人敬畏的,并且不知何故需要使用5个单词来传达一个强大的观点我和他有同样的经历,你在这里解释。

    他是直接的,半磨练的,非常聪明的He is the guy that will continually say…so what? Until what needs to be done is obvious it smashes you in the faceIt’s awesome.You can be as concerned and aware with all the little things, and if you’re worried about them just reading this 188bet手机滚球, you will not be able to ignore them anyway, so it’s in your best interest to focus on that one thing in the start-up arena and GO AT ITSee where it leads, it will accomplish 10x more than trying to see the whole picture. The whole pictures is too big to see, so stop trying.

  • 我们必须专注于一件事情才能使结果做某事,因为如果它不集中,就会失去焦点并给出结果。

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    感谢您的精彩信息。也请访问此网站http://www.airclassicrepair.com, 谢谢。

  • 这是一个很棒的故事。尼斯

  • 精彩的有经验的帖子. .

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    圣洁的莫莉谢谢Gaaaaah I feel stupid for not realizing this sooner / remembering that I read this elsewhere谢谢你,谢谢你,谢谢你!