微风中刷最不稳定的形成一粒翻滚,促使一些其他人,一个递归的斐波那契级联抑制零尽快开始——一个ant-sized blink-lengthed雪崩到处都发生的,三次,在角落里的知觉,但从未在我碰巧目前固定。



一种相同的感觉,当一个新的客户报名,永远比第一个客户What confluence of improbable events led to this?  Fed up with — what? — a person flaps despondently at Google, inside which ten million tumblers control the landscape of discovery and the fate of the transaction with an algorithm even its inventors could not manually recreateThe frustrated hunter, receiving no satisfaction from adverts, however strategically located andA / B-tested从About.com,也没有,无论多么巧妙的拼贴画别人的想法,发现自己在一个绝望的一系列tab-openingFinding a website at position #7, a landing-page headline catching his attention for reasons he himself could not articulate, hovering over screenshots, eyebrows alternately raised at a clever feature and furrowed at the lack of a “hard requirement,” not completely dissatisfied with the “professional, yet approachable” About Us page, he takes the plunge, still too steamed over the wrongs imposed by his current Service Provider to worry himself too much over pricing, wrestling a company credit card from the fist of a gatekeeper, and successfully punching through a 40-digit payment questionnaire which assumes he’s guilty of fraud until proven innocent, and lo, a new customer is born.



是的,神奇的我告诉我4岁的女儿,魔术就是你所说的东西,直到你理解它Has any business owner ever forgot her first customer? Did any amount of preparation or effort prevent that moment from being unbelievable, inscrutable, magic?





最大的机会之外Where is the space for true innovation and exploration in a land of metrics optimization?  How do you realize you can move vertically when你的指南针措施只有两个维度?



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  • 布年轻

    哦,我的Please, please, please tell me you write something equally as beautiful (sans the tech stuff) for your wife AT LEAST once a year! Stuff like this makes some people swoon只是说说而已好写的杰森。

  • Who knew you had it in you? Great job, buddy.

  • 我在短期内看到沙未来:“是的,神奇我告诉我4岁的女儿,魔法是你所说的东西,直到你理解它。”


  • Awesome perspective, Jason很容易陷入日常的,特别是当事情太忙碌,因为他们往往与日益增长的公司我们整天打螃蟹的海藻,这是一个很好的提醒退后一步,在海滩上看到所有的机会。

  • PatrickSmacchia

    Nice post Jason! It reflects pretty much my story1日二月份2007额,我放到网上第一个商业版的开发人员的工具2月2日第一次销售、订单处理和自动许可排放效果很好那真是一块神奇的时刻,我永远不会忘记!

    3 weeks pass, zero sales, ouch, I spent more than a year polishing a commercial version and eating pastas for nothing?! Last week of February 2007 => a dozens of licenses are sold during this week, some even packaged in multi-seats ordersMy guess is that there was one super enthusiast developer somewhere waiting for the v2.0 commercial release (the tool was OSS before), and then some other enthusiasts that took the time for evaluation and/or got their purchase dpt loose time on order processing?? who knows??

    Today, we achieved several thousands of different companies clients, and each time … there is still a bit of magic in each order! I got used to not check sales emails 50 times a day, but I hope I’ll never get used to the tiny thrill feeling for each order :o)

  • 很高兴听到从你深思的一面希望你将刷新!

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    一流的. .

  • 嗯,这是一个非常愉快的阅读!

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    另一个注意,很清晰的概念,常常正直的痴迷块我们从一个更大的使命..so close to my heart and my personal journey的确,我们的愿景必须提升超越增量指标以达到最大的成就和满足很好把这是我最喜欢的,我读过谢谢你~

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